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Life events present fresh opportunities for change and growth!

Counselling, psychotherapy, yoga therapy and yoga classes can assist you identify and overcome unhelpful behavioural patterns that impact the quality of your life. The benefits from these enquiries will enhance awareness, develop self-acceptance and enrich significant relationships.

Counselling, psychotherapy, yoga therapy and yoga classes can inspire you to activate your potential, cultivate wellbeing and create inner calm.  These modalities assist you to live in accordance with your core values, clarify your life purpose, and supports confident open communications.  Most importantly, it enables you to feel free and uncompromised, when facing life’s many challenges and opportunities.

Experience and remember your human perfection and infinite potential. The catalytic effects of surrender, relaxation, breath awareness and meditation supports our access to the reality of our abundant perfection.

Sessions are available in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Bowral and Sydney.
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We can choose how to experience each moment!





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